Under the leadership of Rhobi Samwelly, Hope For Girls and Women runs two safe houses in the Butiama and Serengeti Districts of the Mara Region of Tanzania, which shelter and support those fleeing FGM, child marriage, and other forms of gender based violence.

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Gender based violence continues to be a serious problem in the Mara Region of Tanzania. 32% of women have undergone FGM. Over 50% of adult women were married by age 18 while only 21% have ever attended secondary education. This region has the highest rate of spousal violence in the country, affecting 78% of married women. Governmental services to help these girls and women are limited.

Hope for Girls and Women offers safe houseresidents free classes in vocational training, such as tailoring and computer skills. Women can use their new skills to generate much needed income, becoming valued providers for their families while also increasing their independence, and making them less vulnerable to forced marriage and FGM. Safe House residents are provided with free medical exams and HIV testing.