“Speaking up against FGM and Child Marriage is one of the most important and effective ways that you can take action. In many countries there is still a deafening silence around this issue. Feminists and others have advocated the misguided notion that culture trumps human rights, and as a result people have been afraid to speak up lest they be called racist. But culture can never trump fundamental human rights, and FGM is one of the most brutal and fundamental human rights abuses in the world today. And as our film shows, when girls find out what awaits them, they don’t want to go through FGM. And that is why we need to support these brave children, that’s why we have to pluck up our courage and talk about it whenever we can. Speaking up loudly about the human rights of girls is way more important than treading softly softly because we are afraid of offending the cultural sensitivities of the adults. It’s okay to stand up in the name of other people’s daughters!!!”

Giselle Portenier, Director, In The Name Of Your Daughter