Human Rights Activist, FGM Survivor, Director, Hope Center, Tanzania
My dream is to save girls from being cut, and I will never stop until FGM is history in my community. This film is very very important because it will help raise awareness not just in our community...
Hibo Wardere
Human Rights Activist, Author, and FGM survivor
What I love about this documentary is that it puts the children first. The girls are at the centre of the film, not the parents, not the community. It’s about what the girls think, and that is the film’s power.
Professor, Director of the Center for Gender & Refugee Studies, University of California Hastings, and attorney for Fauziya Kassindja, whose case established the legal landmark in the United States that fear of FGC was the basis for refugee protection
The documentary dispels the myth that FGC is accepted – and even desired – by the girls on whom it is inflicted, and by giving these girls a voice, In the Name of Your Daughter will make a monumental contribution to the struggle for women’s human rights.
A Canadian Survivor of FGM, Cranbrook, B.C.
It was the worst experience ever. No girl should ever have to go through that horror. These are our lives and the children's voices need to be heard and respected. I believe this film will help give our children that voice.
Chair, Overseas Development Trust, Tanzanian Development Trust, funder of the Tanzanian Safe House
In the Name of Your Daughter is the most powerful, compelling, and honest documentary that I think I have ever seen. I came to it with both apprehension and anticipation.
Canadian/Kenyan Human Rights Activist, President, The Wanawake Foundation, East Africa
In my own estimation, Giselle's film In The Name Of Your Daughter will be a huge contribution in the fight against FGM and forced child marriage.
Jessica Neuwirth
Donor Direct Action, U.S.A.
Giselle Portenier's beautiful film portrays the heart-breaking challenges faced by so many millions of girls around the world who are at risk of undergoing female genital mutilation (FGM) and child marriage.
Human Rights Activist President, Council For Muslims Facing Tomorrow and Founding Member, Muslim Reform Movement.
As a human rights activist, I fully support the work being done by Portenier and thank her for bringing critical issues to the forefront without worrying about being politically correct. Her work is imperative to the battle for women’s human rights globally.


A screening of the film with Danish students and Tanzanian girls Rosie and Neema and Rhobi Samwelly at Institut Sankt Joseph, Copenhagen, Denmark


In the Name of Your Daughter is, quite simply, essential viewing for teenagers all over the world. And if we are lucky they will someday play some role in ensuring this deadly practice is stopped.

Teacher, St. Joseph’s Catholic School, Copenhagen  

The movie “In the name of your daughter” is not just any other movie! It was a complete train wreck of a heartbreaking documentary! It touched me in ways not many movies do. I was inspired by the bravery of the girls and how different their lifestyle is compared to ours here in Denmark. It deserves to get its story around, they have fought harder battles than we probably ever will.


In the name of your daughter’ was incredibly moving. I would call it life-changing. It’s a film that puts everything into perspective, we are all so privileged to live a life like ours, compared to the girls fighting against FGM. The girls from Tanzania have an amazing story that the whole world should be aware of.